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Contact us at or text/call us at (541) 728-1549,10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Pacific Standard Time, Monday through Saturday. Due to our entire warehouse being moved to a different state and the volume of orders we have received, we cannot ship any more pending orders until MONDAY, MAY 4th 2015. If you have an order that's been pending and has not yet been delivered, your order WILL BE SHIPPED ON MONDAY, MAY 4th 2015 USPS PRIORITY MAIL. If you cannot or do not want to wait until then, please TEXT ONLY the above phone number your name and order number requesting a refund and a refund will be issued to you in full. Please allow 7 business days for your refund to post to your account. If you do decide to wait until May 4th 2015 for your order to ship, WE GUARANTEE IT WILL SHIP THEN AND NOT ONE DAY LATER. All customers who wait til then, will also receive a coupon code for 15% off any future order. Finally, once our move is complete and business resumes back to normal on May 4th, 2015 we will be implementing a new policy that guarantees all orders ship within 48 hours of placement or your order is FREE! NOTE: Many of the products we have sold and are currently one of the orders pending are extremely rare and limited in quantity. Deciding to wait until May 4th 2015 guarantees you will receive your product/s. Cancelling your order will no longer guarantee you can buy that product at a later date. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and greatly appreciate many of our clients patience and understanding in this matter. The move to a warehouse in another state has been much more difficult then originally thought. But we are finally almost settled in. After we are completely settled and have shipped out all pending orders on Monday, May 4th 2015, we will be adding many more rare ph's to the site that are not yet posted. Be sure to check what's available then! Thank you all so much for your support in helping us continue to bring you products that are very hard to come by. True Freedom Supplements Staff......POSTED: Monday, April 27th 2015.








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